Rwanda Karongi Gitesi

The aromatics from this coffee blew my mind.

You and me, we’re like a team. I roast and ship. You brew and drink. Before selecting what coffee to send your way, I’ll sample roast and taste many wonderful options.

When this Gitesi came out of my roaster and was ready to sample, I knew instantly It was special, and the first thing I thought was how excited I was to share it with you!

With clover, honey, all-spice and subtle wildflower smells accenting this roast, your nose is in for a treat.

You’ll smell hints of sugar browning when you add your hot water, with a rich sweetness of caramel candies and vanilla adding pure bliss.

I found some great flavors by taking this roast just slightly darker than medium. You’ll enjoy sweet, raw cane juice providing the backdrop, moving into a flavor of orange blossom honey.

Pay attention for notes of ginger, and with the honeyed sweetness, it will remind you of ginger snap cookies.

More Info:
Karongi is a district located in a beautiful Rwandan valley. Gitesi is an award winning washing station know to produce mouth watering coffee, and this years lot sure lives up to the Gitesi reputation of being one of the best coffees in the region.

This coffee brews really well and also makes a great espresso, so drink up, and let me know what you think.



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