Burundi Kazosa N'Ikawa

This coffee comes from Kazosa N'Ikawa, roughly translating to "the future is coffee". This cooperative assists its members with marketing their coffees, handling cash flow and general business organization.

Hand sorting is intensive, farm workers start sifting out the under and over ripe cherry on delivery. Sorting of the parchment coffee continues at the drying tables, and then the green coffee is sifted through once again after dry-milling.

What a lovely smelling coffee with red cherry and subtle milk chocolate smells, a sweet clove spiced orange note too. The wetted grounds are so caramely sweet, like caramel cookies with raisins.

Bean Details  

Notes of cherry, herbal tea, dried cranberry, hazelnut syrup, clove spice and more come into view as you work through the cup, and those patient enough to let Kazosa N'Ikawa cool will be duly rewarded.



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